The Gospel Herald

Connecting Churches of Christ In Canada

Our mission is to promote New Testament Christianity with a focus in Canada through periodicals, sales of books and Christian materials, publication of books and tracts, and utilizing various media.

Gospel Herald History: Seventy-Seven Years of Service

The Gospel Herald has been dedicated for some 77 years to encouraging a more Biblical Christianity than is generally seen. Over the years there have been many who have reacted to the divisions, competitions and lack of love in the religious sphere by promoting what they perceived as a more Biblical church. In Canada, the frontier environment resulted in the formation of many scattered and independent congregations. Previous publications intent on encouraging and strengthening isolated Christians and these small groups did not survive the great depression.

To fill this gap, the Gospel Herald, a small monthly magazine was begun in March of 1936 in a home in rural Saskatchewan. The stated purpose was “To promote New Testament Christianity”. It contained teaching materials written by preachers and Christians and shared news of happenings and progress from across the country. A directory of churches was included to enable communication and to assist travelers who wished to worship and share with those of “like precious faith”.

Over the years there have been changes in editors and locations of publication but issues, faithful to the original purpose, have been mailed out on a regular basis. Production and mailing costs have been covered by subscription and advertising income and the sacrificial donations of time, effort and sometimes money by those producing it.

The Gospel Herald’s services are presently provided from Toronto, Ontario. As the need to return to Biblical life and practice continues the Foundation pledges, with God’s help, to continue in this work.