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The Haiti Mission, Notre Maison

The Haiti Mission, Notre Maison

When this work started in 2002 with the planting of the church in Fonds Parisien, the focus was placed on meeting the spiritual needs of the community, with attention also paid to the obvious physical needs. Gospel meetings were held, food was prepared and served to the entire town, and souls were saved.

When the earthquake hit the island in 2010, our attention shifted to disaster relief, helping to make sure that the people there had the basic necessities they needed as they rebuilt their homes and their communities.

In 2015, these relief efforts led to the establishment and opening of Notre Maison. Translated from French, it means “Our Home”, and it is just that – a home for eight orphaned children, where we focus on ensuring that they receive the best physical and spiritual care we can provide with the continued support of our donors and sponsors.

As these children grew, it became necessary to ensure that they were also being prepared academically for the years ahead. Thus, the establishment of Lakeview Academy in 2016 – a private school where they are able to work through the approved curriculum with dedicated teachers and the full support of Notre Maison staff.

By God’s grace, this work continues to thrive under the guidance of our sister congregation, the Strathmore Church of Christ in Toronto, and the support of a number of Churches of Christ across Canada and the United States.

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