Key to the Kingdom

Sharing Jesus with the World Through Mass Media

“Key to the Kingdom” is a ministry designed to share the “Good News” of Jesus with others. Mass media is an integral part of this ministry and new opportunities are constantly being explored in ordered to make efficient use of the donated funds. Under the oversight of the Eastwood Church of Christ in Hutchinson, Kansas, the program is supported by numerous churches and individuals throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

“Key” uses a variety of media outlets to tell the Gospel story. Please see the Broadcast Schedule for more details. A phone number and website is displayed throughout each episode and a network of volunteers constantly work to assist those responding to the gospel messages. An extensive follow-up program is in place in India, where a second office is located. More than 40 preachers work out of that office to assist with the distribution of Bibles, studies and teaching opportunities.

Free Bible studies and downloads of all messages are available simply by making a request. We do not ask for any donation, contribution, or commitment of any kind. We want these simple and basic Bible messages to be available to anyone who is seeking a closer walk with God and a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.