Joel & Kristin Osborne
Mito, Ibaraki

The Mission in Mito, Ibaraki

The Bramalea congregation helped send a team of four (Joel Osborne, Jonathan Straker, Crimsen Ruhnke, and Ben Berry) to Sendai, Japan for a five year commitment in 2002. Joel has been in Japan since July 8, 2002. After other teammates returned, Joel continued and was sponsored by the Bramalea church until December 31, 2017. Since then, Bramalea continues to provide some support for Joel, a Canadian from the Niagara region, and his wife, Kristin, a Japanese American originally from Chicago. They partner with Hiro and Megumi Akahoshi in serving with the Mito Church of Christ in Ibaraki, about two hours northeast of Tokyo. Together with the church in Mito, these two families are active in sharing the gospel and helping others to know Jesus, and becoming active participants in the mission of God’s inbreaking Kingdom. They are also active as a church in a mission to Siem Reap, Cambodia where they’ve established a school. Many people from Japan go to serve in Cambodia, and after serving there, they begin their faith journey too. Please continue to pray for the Osbornes, and for the Akahoshis and Mito church as they seek to be salt and light in the nation of Japan and beyond.

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