Great Lakes Bible College

Post-Secondary Education in Biblical Studies

Great Lakes Bible College has its roots in the attempt by concerned members of Churches of Christ in the late 1940s to establish a Christian junior college in southern Ontario. The goal was to provide an opportunity for Christian education for the international populations of the Great Lakes basin. A modest launch was made in Beamsville, in the Niagara Peninsula, in 1952, offering high school classes and an adult Bible department. Great Lakes Christian High School (formerly Great Lakes Christian College) developed over the years as a fine residential high school.

Great Lakes Bible College, following several efforts linked with GLCHS in post-secondary Bible education (the Bible department in 1952 and 1959; the Faculty of Bible and Missions formed in 1969 and renamed in 1975 as the School of Bible and Missions), secured its charter in 1987 to become an independent institution. In 1996, classes were moved to Waterloo, one of Ontario’s prime educational centres. GLCHS and GLBC continue as sister institutions in the unified Great Lakes endeavour.