Being Together

Being together as a community of believers is something that we believe is important for God’s church to do. By spending time with one another, getting to know and understand one another helps us to better serve each other and the community around us.

Life Groups

Throughout the week, we offer many opportunities to grow spiritually with other Christians in our Life Groups. We encourage our members to be a part of Life Groups, as it gives us an opportunity to learn from one another through the bond of personal relationships with God’s people.

Our Life Groups normally meet:

Sunday: 4-6pm
Wednesdays: 7-9pm
Thursdays: 7-9pm
Saturdays: 5-7pm

By being a part of a Life Group, our hope is that you will be encouraged in your walk of faith, and will form meaningful relationships with the Church.


Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ is something that the Bible calls for us to do. We each have a personal mission to be like Christ in the world, so that others will come to know him and put him on through baptism. We also have a responsibility to support those who also dedicate their lives to serving in various places around the world, which we strive to generously do.